My Professional Journey

I completed my medical studies at the University of Basel in 1988. Even back then, my interest was drawn to the brain, and I wrote my doctoral thesis on brain pathways. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to turn my hobby, which is the study of the brain, into my profession.

Right after graduation, I worked at the Basel Cantonal Hospital in the Department of Nuclear Medicine. I was fascinated by this field because it was pioneering brain examinations using radioactive-labeled sugar injected into patients. Since the brain requires sugar for cognitive processes, this method allowed us to visualize brain activity in response to specific tasks.

Later, I embraced a new challenge by transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry, where I served as an International Medical Director. In this role, I oversaw studies necessary for drug registration and global drug safety of these products. Even during this time, I was able to devote myself, at least partially, to my "specialty" - the brain. In 2001, I obtained the specialist title FMH in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

A year later, I left the pharmaceutical industry to focus on biofeedback and neurofeedback. Initially, my focus was on neurofeedback for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome with and without Hyperactivity). Witnessing the success achieved in children with these conditions drove my passion, leading me to decide to learn this technique and work in this field in the future. Alongside basic training at the Institute for Bio- and Neurofeedback in Zurich, I received further education from various experts in the field, such as Prof. Dr. Sue and Siegfried Othmer (USA), Prof. Dr. Jury Kropotov (St. Petersburg), Prof. Kroymann (Germany), and Dr. Thompson (Canada).